Drunk Golf Cart Driving

Never drink and then drive, even golf carts.


Drunk Golf Swing

Drunk Golfer Fail

Don’t drink and golf. Nothing good will come out of mixing the two together; especially at night time.

At least his friends got a great laugh out of this.

4 Year Old Golfer Dominates Driving Range

Robin WIlliams Golf

Comedian Robin Williams explains how golf came to be invented in a stand up comedy skit. Extremely funny but might offend some serious golfers.

Golf Ball Skeet Shooting

Instead of guns these guys use golf balls to try to shoot skeet. Beer makes everything a great idea!

Funny Golf Videos

Most people describe golf to be a fine gentleman’s sport. However, every now and then there are instances where things happen that make us rethink that theory and laugh out loud!

Funny Golf Videos will be collection of all those moments that were lucky enough to be caught on camera. Videos will be from Youtube, Vimeo, Break.com, VideoBash, Hell Tv, Funny or Die, College Humor and any others we can find.

If you have any videos that you know of that you do not see here feel free to submit them our way. Thanks!